Why You Need a Fenced Yard for Your Dog

Almost all domestic animals need adequate time to play outside, explore new terrain, and socialize with other pets. A dog fence can allow you to train your dog without leaving your backyard. Plus, it will give your dog enough secure room to stretch its legs and play around. Without a proper fence, you would have to take your dog outdoors on a leash, which sometimes can be uncomfortable as dogs don’t like being on a leash all the time.

There are good reasons that most responsible breeders and rescue organizations require that you have appropriate residential fencing before adopting a pet out to you. One of the most crucial reasons is that a fenced yard can protect your dog and keep it safe from potential dangers.

Remember that dogs have the mentality of young children and can outrun the world’s fastest sprinter if an opportunity presents itself. Many risks await unsupervised dogs when they’re running loose. Unsupervised animals can:

  • Escape and become lost
  • Be hit by a car
  • Cause accidents
  • Be killed or injured in dog fights
  • Be stolen by a stranger
  • Get caught in animal traps
  • Get poisoned by neighbors or on accident
  • Be shot or injured

Why Fence?

Based on research by the American Veterinary Medical Foundation, nearly 36.5% of American households own at least one dog. This means that if you have a dog or any other pet for that matter, you need to understand that pets require many things to be happy and healthy at home – the outdoor time being one of the most important.

For many homeowners, installing a fence is a way to add value to their properties. While this is certainly true, there are significant reasons why having a protected yard with a dog is a great decision. Here are some of the best reasons to reach out to fencing professionals at Fence Builders Inc. to have your backyard enclosed in a perfect residential fence for the love of your dog.

Protect Your Dog from Predators
Most homeowners overlook the amount of harm predators can cause to their dogs. Some people are even not aware if dogs are vulnerable to predator attacks. But the reality is that loose dogs are an easy target to predators like wolves, mountain lions, coyotes, and bears. So if you live in a location with lots of wildlife, we recommend that you always keep your dog in a fenced area.

You Dog is a Personal Liability
Like children, your dog(s) need to be under your supervision all the time because if they manage to get out and you have no fence, the dog becomes a liability. Worse, if the dog happens to bite, scratch, or harm anyone in the neighborhood, you would automatically become responsible for their damages and paying their medical bills. Additionally, you could be held accountable should the animal cause a car accident.

Tethering a Dog is Not Healthy
Chaining your dog continually for long periods can be harmful and even cause serious effects physically and emotionally. This can make the dog develop a raw or sore neck, become aggressive or anxious, and become more vulnerable to predator attacks. That is why you should not use chaining in place of a dog fence.

Fencing Options

At Fence Builders Inc., we provide a wide selection of residential fencing options to suit any need and budget. Keep in mind that a professionally installed fence not only protects your dog, but it can also provide a safe haven for your young ones to play in. depending on your budget and the backyard size, our professionals can help install:

Vinyl Fences
A vinyl residential fence can be one of the best choices to keep your home enclosed. This option is classical, durable, and provides an elegant feel and look. The best part about vinyl fences is that they are impervious to weather and require no painting, allowing you to enjoy a classical look throughout the year. Our vinyl fences are available in a wide range of colors and styles to meet your property’s needs, requirements, and function.

Wood Fences
We also provide custom wood residential fencing in different heights (3 feet to 8 feet tall) to suit your home. Furthermore, our wood fences come in different styles, designs, shapes, and decorations. We professionally install the wood fence and reinforce gates with galvanized squire welded frames to provide a great dog fence.

Ornamental Fences
Our ornamental fences provide more than just dog protection. They also offer classic beauty, security, and safety to your home. Additionally, these fences can create a perfect first impression and give your home an outstanding feature in the neighborhood. Our ornamental materials receive a powder-coated finish to provide excellence to last a lifetime. They are also available in a wide selection of standard colors.

Chain Link Fences
Your chain link residential fencing from Fence Builders Inc. is a practical and best way to create lasting protection for your home. We offer the best materials and high-quality workmanship by using 16 gauge posts to achieve superior strength.
Moreover, our chain link fences come in various color shades, including green, brown, and black, to attain your desired look.

A dog is your lifetime friend, so you want to do everything in your power to keep him confined in your yard for protection. We offer various residential fencing options that can help enclose your backyard to keep your canine in close visual proximity and give you the peace of mind to attend to other responsibilities.

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