How to Prevent Damage from Leaves on Fences and Gates

Leaves are an inevitable part of fall, but they can be a nuisance when they get caught on wooden fences and gates. If left unchecked for too long, these leaves will cause damage to the wood. There are many ways to prevent this from happening. In this blog post, we discuss some different ways that autumn leaves can cause damage and how to keep your fence and gate safe even during the leafiest time of year!

Wooden fences in particular are susceptible to damage from fall leaves. Here are some things to be aware of:

Water Retention

During other seasons of the year, water usually evaporates from your fence quickly because the fencing is exposed to air and can’t get trapped. Piles of leaves at the bottom of your wooden fence will block air from getting to your fence, and will hold onto water. This can cause rot and mildew on your beautiful wooden fence. If not handled during the fall, leaves may even hold onto water through the winter months, becoming frozen and covered in ice and thawing in the spring.


Leaves on your fence’s perimeter will cause water to splash up every time it rains. This leaves lines of dirt along the bottom of your fences, similar to how it does on your vehicle when driving through the rain. This causes an unsightly appearance on your otherwise beautiful fence. When you take care of the leaves, you won’t have to worry about the dirt splashing up.


Insects are drawn to leaf piles because the foliage holds water. Bugs may also use these leaf piles to hide and may bury into your fencing. By ensuring that leaves are away from your fence, you can prevent the bugs from making a home in them.

Poor Drainage

If water accumulates in the bottom of your wooden fence, it can cause rot and mildew. This can eventually lead to cracking or splitting when paired with other factors such as stress and temperature changes. But by removing leaves from underneath your fencing, you’ll ensure that this doesn’t happen.

Proper drainage will allow water to flow away from your home, along a predetermined path.

How to Prevent Damage from Leaves

Once leaves start falling from your trees, you should proceed to rake them and bag them and dispose of them properly. If you do not have time to rake, there are services available that can help with leaf removal whether it’s just one bag of leaves or an entire yardful. You may also mulch them with your lawnmower. This will not only turn the leaves into tiny bits, but if properly equipped, lawnmowers can also collect leaves for transport to your compost bin or local waste facility. Consider raking leaves away from the fence first before mowing, so your fence doesn’t get in the way of mowing. A leaf vacuum, on the other hand, will suck up the leaves from your yard and turn them into a fine mulch for compost.

The important part is to ensure you remove the leaves from your yard entirely. By simply raking your leaves into piles, those piles will eventually blow around your yard and to your fence edges on a windy day. Eliminating the leaves from your yard at least once a week will help to prevent damage to your wooden fence and ensure it stays in excellent condition and continues serving your home for years to come!

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