Will a Fence Increase the Value of My Property?

Many elements contribute to the value of a property. However, if you ask property owners about some of the key ways to increase home value, the home’s fence is rarely top-of-mind. The truth is, installing a fence not only improves the appearance of a property, but also increases its value.

Buyers price the property according to the type of fence and its general appearance. Meaning, a property with low quality or no fence can lead to a low priced property when planning to sell it. This is especially the case if there are privacy concerns or the homeowner has pets or small children.

Using quality residential fence materials is the best way to create a valuable property. Below are ways in which a professionally installed fence by a fence contractor adds value to your property.

Makes it Appear Stylish

A modern and stylish property becomes a definite point of sale. A fence company can help in defining the space within the property. When done correctly, it gives the property a complete transformation and shape, determining its value.

A good design installed effectively by Fence Builders Inc. is appealing and gives an architectural finishing for the property. An old and drab fence can be the reason why many buyers turn away and never come back. Unfortunately, many property owners do not realize this. But the good news is that a new fence with modern, stylish, and sustainable materials gives a new meaning to the property.

Many people also decide to add fresh flower beds with vibrant flowers to compliment the space, enrich the property’s exterior, and improve its value after installing the fence. 

When setting up a fence with Fence Builders Inc. the above factors create a positive impact on the property. Style comes with a cost, however. Luckily, the quality of materials used defines the overall value of the property and its potential resale value. Using low-quality materials means that the pricing will be lower, unlike when using high-quality materials.

A Fence Appeals to Families with Pets

Pet lovers may only buy a property that has a secure fence in place. Meaning a sturdy and robust fence becomes an attractive point of sale to the buyer. This doesn’t only apply to families with pets but also small children.

It’s worth considering that residential fences are not only about the boundaries created, but also the integrity of the fence should be up to standard. Weak and broken fences appear unattractive and can easily lower the property’s value. No buyer would want to risk the household with a weak or old fence that can break down at any time or that they’ll immediately need to replace upon closing on their new home.

Additionally, a fence boosts the property’s general security, keeping the property safe from intruders both in the day and night. No one wants to risk valuables in a property with a weakened fence. With a quality installed fence, the buyer can have total security for pets, children, and the property’s general safety.

A Tall Fence Appeals to Potential Property Buyers

A tall fence is a quick selling point for the property owners because it attracts potential buyers. It offers a level of privacy, especially when living close to the main road or in a populated neighborhood. Enclosing a property with a tall fence makes it harder for outsiders to peep in. This is a favorite option for homeowners with pools in their backyard.

Choosing a tall fence depends on the style and personal preference of the property owners. It’s also worth noting that fences come in various sizes and with different features. No matter the size, a tall fence makes the property look valuable and triggers potential buyers to pay a premium fee.

A Fence Changes the Property View

A fence can alter the property view, which is a quick way to make the property more marketable. Some properties might have an undesirable view that turns away potential buyers. An example might be a home near a busy highway, or a property that looks directly into the neighbors yard and doesn’t provide privacy. That’s why a new fence can block the old view and make the property more pleasant.

The ability to increase the property’s value depends on the property owner’s preference for where to place the fence. Landscaping skills are vital in this case. That’s why we encourage property owners to seek help from a fence contractor rather than go the DIY route.

The Bottom Line

There is no better way of getting a property off the market than maintaining curb appeal with a high-quality fence. There are a variety of fence options available to meet any homeowners’ needs and our experts could help you make the best decision for your property. Contact us today for an estimate. 

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