Why Choose Ornamental Steel or Aluminum Fencing For Your Home?

When most homeowners are purchasing a fence, they first look for appeal and whether it meets their needs and budget. Other factors to be considered when buying a fence should include the fence’s reliability and durability. Ornamental fences are typically made of steel or iron, and aluminum.

If you are a homeowner and are shopping around for a fence, consider getting an ornamental fence. They are versatile and, therefore, work with all styles and types of homes. At Fence Builders Inc, We offer ornamental aluminum/steel picket fencing that present your home at its best. Below, we go into a few benefits of ornamental aluminum/steel fencing.

They Require Little Maintenance

Ornamental fences require minimal maintenance, which helps save you time. While many fences require yearly upkeep and repairs to keep them functioning properly and aesthetically pleasing, decorative aluminum/steel fences are the opposite. To maintain its strength and beauty, decorative aluminum/steel does not require regular maintenance.

Increases Curb Appeal

A decorative aluminum/steel fence will accentuate the luxury and elegance of how your home looks from the outside. Decorative aluminum/steel fences were initially used for their attractiveness back in the day. Today, they still have that classic appeal, which is timeless. Therefore, getting a decorative aluminum/steel fence for your home comes with the assurance that it will not be outdated or go out of style. Most high-end residential and commercial properties use a decorative aluminum/steel fence because it gives off the impression of great taste. An increase in curb appeal adds more value to your property should you decide to sell it.

Improves The Perimeter Security

All the various styles of ornamental fencing provide a safe and secure perimeter. Whether it is to keep out strangers or keep in the children and pets, getting an ornamental fence when you have pets would be a smart choice since you can be sure that they will not wander outside your yard and get lost. It is also hard for anyone to try and sneak through since the decorative aluminum/steel is quite strong. Its smooth design make it hard for someone to try and climb over in the pursuit of trying to gain access to your home.

Gives A Sense of Exclusivity

As aforementioned, decorative aluminum/steel fencing is usually used in high end residential and commercial properties. During the Victorian era, rich people displayed their wealth by having their property fenced using wrought iron. An ornamental aluminum/steel fence is the modern-day version of a wrought iron fence.

The only difference is that a decorative fence is more affordable but still gives off the feeling of class and exclusivity. When selling your property, if it is fenced with ornamental aluminum/steel, your property’s value is more likely to go up based on the fence, no matter how simple it is.


Decorative fences are quite versatile in terms of design. When shopping for a fence, ensure you look at all the available styles and designs. Whether you are going for a modern look, traditional or minimalist, there is something for every homeowner. You also have the option of choosing what kind of material you would like your decorative fence to be. You can add accessories to your ornamental fence to add character to it.


Decorative fences use either aluminum or steel for all their designs. Recyclable steel and aluminum are easy to repurpose, which means that should you ever choose to replace your decorative fence, it can be reused. This helps the environment given how in-demand aluminum and steel are.

If you are based in North Carolina and need a decorative aluminum/steel fence, consider contacting us at Fence Builders Inc. We are insured and licensed and install both residential and commercial ornamental aluminum/steel fences. We have been serving the Triad and Southeast since 1955. We also offer a wide array of decorative steel fence designs that you can choose from. When you’re ready to consider an ornamental steel/aluminum fence for your property, contact our team to discuss the options that make sense for you and your property.

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