Things to Consider Before You Install a Fence

A fence is an essential element of a yard, whether it’s a commercial or residential premise. Besides giving you required privacy, a fence acts as a barrier for intruders, such as thieves, burglars, animals, and other uninvited guests.

Are you thinking of building a new fence or repairing your old one? Then our fence company is here at your service. We have been serving Winston-Salem, North Carolina since 1955.


Extensive experience has enabled us to offer high-class services as a fence contractor. Our team of professionals is equipped with adequate knowledge on how to install these types of fences:

Wood fences – we use high-quality pine that is treated under high pressure. These fences are available in sizes between 3 and 8 feet high for both commercial and residential fencing.

Chain link fences – we offer the best of this kind using min. 16 gauge posts that assure you of strength and durability.

Vinyl fences – the vinyl fences we install are long-lasting, appealing, weather-proof, and do not require painting.

Ornamental fences – our decorative aluminum/steel fences can make a beautiful addition to your home.


Before hiring a fence company, you should understand that a fence project is a serious investment. It would help if you were prepared financially and physically for such an activity. These are the significant considerations to make:


Like with any other undertaking, there are several expenses associated with fence installation or repairing an old fence. Having a set budget will help you know which materials you need to buy, which fence contractor you should hire, among other decisions. It will also help you avoid overspending.

Sometimes, your property may be bigger than what your budget can cover. In this case, you might be forced to look for other means of fence installation instead of hiring a fence contractor.


The fence type that you choose will depend on your needs. We install fences for various reasons, including inhibiting your pet from leaving the property, enhancing privacy, blocking noise, and adding more appeal to your home.

As mentioned above, the main types of fences that we deal with include vinyl, ornamental, chain link, and wood fences.


Different types of fences are ideal for various climates. Wood fences may warp, and metal fences may rust in areas where there is a lot of rain or humidity. Before calling our fencing professionals, you should understand your area’s climate in terms of wind patterns, storms prevalence, and winter severity. All these climatic conditions are significant determinants of both the materials to be used and the installation process.


Discussing your upcoming project with your neighbors will help you determine the exact boundary lines for your property. Additionally, you will gather more information on the building codes and regulations of your residential area. You might be required to avoid some areas as you install your fence, depending on where your property sits.

Some neighborhood associations have stringent rules when it comes to putting up a fence. Such could include specific materials, colors, and fence height. Making your neighbors feel considered in your plans guarantees better results and helps in preventing conflicts.


Taking care of a fence is a time-consuming activity. Knowing how much time you can spare to take care of your installed fence will help you determine which materials best fit your needs. Vinyl fences, for instance, require minimal maintenance and are considered durable.

Chain link and ornamental fences may require more maintenance as they are prone to damage by weather conditions, elements, and other causes. However, all fences require regular checkups and care regardless of the materials and styles used. The types of fences that we install require little maintenance, making them ideal even for homeowners with very busy schedules.


Ensure that you are clear about the fence height that you want. The size of your fence will depend on why you want a fence in the first place. Taller fences are ideal for blocking noise and enhancing property, while shorter fences are required to prevent your pets and children from leaving the property.

If you are just looking to improve your curb appeal, then the height will not be much of a factor.


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