The Many Benefits of Driveway Gates

Security is of great importance, whether it is a commercial or residential property. And if you own a home, you will do everything possible to make it safe and secure. And although there are many security measures to choose from, such as installing alarm systems and security cameras, the most overlooked form of home security is installing driveway gates.

Driveway gates not only bring an attractive look, but they also offer a wide range of benefits, making them a fantastic long-term investment option. Furthermore, they offer extra protection and are affordable and convenient security options for your home.

A residential gate features convenience specs such as intercoms, automatic openers, and keypads. Thus, if the weather is frigid, you will never have to leave your vehicle to open the gate. Below are other benefits associated with a residential and commercial driveway gate.


The main reason why people across the Triad install driveway gates is to enhance their home security. The primary duty of a driveway gate is to make your home safer. Having the authority to control entry into your premises is the best way to avoid issues with trespassers, burglars, and unwanted visitors.

As we said earlier, driveway gates come with enhanced security features such as a keypad, automatic lock for locking and unlocking the gate automatically, and intercoms for seeing who is coming. However, it is good to note that driveway gates help create a secure perimeter for you and your family members..


Privacy is a necessity for every family. Picking the perfect gate for your home is an ideal way to protect your family’s privacy from others. An automatic gate is the best when it comes to safety. An automatic gate enables you to protect your privacy and belongings at the press of a remote. Thus, you will be able to control what exits and enters your premises.

Curb Appeal

A driveway gate is an ideal decoration for your home. Whether you use a front entrance or a side gate, installing a driveway gate will improve the aesthetics of your property. Fortunately, these gates are available in different materials. Thus you can easily find one that you want and suits your home needs perfectly.

Improve the Home Value

Like landscaping, outdoor structures, and fences, driveway gates can enhance your property’s value. The overall look, convenience, and privacy can play a significant role in providing buyers with an additional reason to pick your home over a similar home in the same location. Remember, a gate is a crucial home feature that appeals to prospective buyers because of its aesthetic appeal and functional benefits.

Reduced Insurance Rates

Residential driveway gates installed by Fence Builders Inc. have many financial advantages beyond improving your home value. These gates can also lower your auto and home insurance costs. Most insurance companies consider driveway gates when determining the total premium as they act as an anti-theft deterrent. If you have a driveway gate, discuss whether or not you can receive a discount from the insurance company with your insurance agent. Since they will see the added layer of protection installed at your property, the answer is likely yes.

Reduce Wildlife Intrusion

In many parts of the state, dealing with large wildlife such as deer has become a daily activity. Fencing your home will be useful as it provides an enormous amount of coverage that stops at the driveway. Installing a driveway gate helps create an eye-catching way to carry on the barrier surrounding your premises.

Pets and plants will appreciate the additional support in keeping out plundering munchers. And if you have a protective dog, it will keep its patrol actions contained within your home.

Ease of Use

The best part of installing a driveway gate is the ease of use. If your previous outdated gate was plagued with unending issues or did not open automatically, you will appreciate the convenience that electrical driveway gates will offer you. With these gates, you will not need to worry about getting out of your car to step out and open the gate when it is raining.

Protecting Pets and Children

Solid style gates and other types of gates help keep children and pets within the premises and safe. Toddlers and pets can quickly move out of your sight and run towards traffic if you are not careful. Hence, you can contain them using a driveway gate and a fence while protecting your property since they act as a valuable second protective layer.

Updating or installing a driveway gate provides the user with a lot of advantages beyond offering appealing looks. The upgrade in technology, materials, specifications, and design plays a significant role in providing homeowners with a home development that makes your property more attractive, secure, private, and more manageable.

Regardless of what you choose, the final installation will add extra ease to your life. Fence Builders Inc. provides the installation and design of customized driveway gates equipped with the latest tech features and access controls.

If you want to learn more about driveway gates, contact Fence Builders Inc. today. We have a division, Premier Access Control Technologies (PACT) that provides the residents of Winston-Salem and Greensboro with gate installation services and maintenance services.

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