Signs You Need a Fence Replacement

The fencing around your property can add to the aesthetic appeal of your house. The fence can make your property look fantastic whether someone is walking or driving by, and it can add to the overall feel of the neighborhood.

Of course, if your fence is in need of repair, it can have the opposite impact you’re looking for. It can make your property look run down. This, in turn, could upset your neighbors, since they may feel like your fence is dragging down the neighborhood.

Knowing what signs to look for when it’s time to replace your fence is imperative. Then, you can call in a fence company to get the issues taken care of. Here are some signs that it’s time to replace your fence:

Broken or Missing Pieces

It doesn’t matter if you have a wood fence, vinyl fence or an ornamental fence, if there are any broken or missing pieces, you need to call a fence company to come out and have them replaced. If time or the elements has worn out the pieces of your fence and caused wood parts to rot away or pieces are loose or detached, then getting them replaced is in your best interest. Not only will this keep your fence looking good, but it will also keep kids and pets in the yard so that they don’t get hurt.

Holes or Other Damage

Your residential fencing may not have any broken or missing pieces, but if you notice holes or cracks in the structure, this is another sign you need to get it replaced — and it’s recommended that you call in a fence contractor. We’ll be able to let you know if the holes or other damage can be patched or if it’s necessary to replace your entire fence.

The Fence Leans or Sags

Should you notice that sections of your fence are leaning or sagging, this could be another sign that it needs to be replaced. Again, it doesn’t matter what type of fence you have, even chain link fences are susceptible to this issue, calling a fence contractor to find the cause is necessary.

More often than not, when residential fencing starts leaning or sagging, it is caused by issues with the footings. These are the holes that are filled with concrete that the fenceposts are placed. Water, whether it comes from adverse weather conditions or from underground, can get into the cement and cause it to crack, which will make the posts unstable. Water can also shift the ground and pull your fence along with it.

In the case of wood fences, it’s possible that the water will seep into the fenceposts and warp them. This can be another reason why your fence is leaning or sagging. Making sure the fence installation was done properly can reduce these issues, but over time, the fence will succumb to environmental issues and need to be replaced.

Issues at Ground Level

In addition to water causing problems with the footings and fenceposts, it can also impact other parts of your fencing. Should the ground heave and swell due to moisture, or if it retreats due to lack of moisture, these can be signs that you need new fence installation.

If the ground is touching the bottom of your fence, this could allow moisture to seep into the material. For wood fences, this could lead to wood rot or allow pests to get into the planks. For chain link fences or steel/aluminum fences, this could invite rust growth.

Any of these issues could have a negative impact on your fence and make it look terrible. Calling in professionals from Fence Builders Inc. is your best option to ensure that your fence looks good and is functional. We’ll be able to quickly and accurately assess the problem and propose the best solution, which may include total replacement of your fence.

Insect Damage

Wood fences are particularly susceptible to insect damage, and they are the favorite food and living space for termites. However, some other insects that you have to worry about include carpenter ants, wasps, bees and certain species of beetles. If you notice any insect damage on your fence, this is another sign that you need to have it replaced.

Trying to determine what type of insect is destroying your fence isn’t always easy. When it comes to bees and wasps, you might notice their nests. However, when it comes to ants, termites or beetles, since they often burrow into the wood, you may not be able to see them. Calling in a professional to help you with this issue is in your best interest.

We’ll also be able to suggest alternatives to wood that will reduce pest infestations and last for a long time, keeping your property looking amazing.

Fixing Your Fence as Soon As Possible

At Fence Builders Inc., we go out of our way to replace your fence in a timely and efficient manner. With different options to choose from, including wood, vinyl, chain link and steel/aluminum, we make sure you get the fence that makes your property look outstanding. Call us today!

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