Nine Key Reasons to Ask Fence Builders, Inc. to Install Your New Fence This Spring!

Do springtime fence installations offer any advantages over other seasons of the year? Many property owners in North Carolina are looking to have a fence installed this spring, and for good reason.

In the Winston-Salem Area, we recommend requesting new residential fencing during the spring for a variety of reasons. Let’s explore some of these situations:

1. Obtain Fence Installation During Pleasant Weather

Fence Builders Inc. offers a variety of attractive, high quality products. For example, we carry wood, vinyl, ornamental, and chain link fences. Many homeowners request turnkey fencing services from us. They show us exactly where they require fence placements on their properties. Spring provides a wonderful time of year for landowners to address this issue. Leaves and vegetation won’t obscure visibility and snow and ice have largely disappeared. It simply makes sense to take full advantage of these ideal weather conditions.

2. Prepare For a Summer Relocation

Additionally, some households in the Winston-Salem Area prefer to have a fence erected well in advance of the arrival of warm summer weather for financial reasons. This process ensures the premises look great if a homeowner offers the residence for sale. Obtaining a privacy fence for the backyard or a chain link fence in the front may enhance “curb appeal.” Realty sales tend to increase dramatically during spring and summer months. Completing a fence installation before listing a home sometimes helps reduce realty marketing time frames.

3. Secure a Poolside Area More Effectively

Other property owners desire to fence a pool or a hot tub as soon as possible. This precaution helps promote safety. In some locations, ordinances require protective pool fences. Yet even in the absence of these regulations, constructing a perimeter fence usually makes sense from an accident-prevention standpoint. Young children could fall into a pool and sustain significant injuries in a matter of minutes. Parents gain peace of mind knowing they’ve fully secured outdoor ponds and poolsides in advance of the arrival of hot weather.

4. Avoid Long Installation Waiting Lists

One practical consideration inspires some customers to select fencing installation services during the spring: obtaining fast assistance. Summers remain the busiest time of year for many contractors, including fence installers. By asking Fence Builders Inc. to complete a fence before this busy season, residents help expedite the installation.

5. Prepare Early For Summer Reunions

Another strong reason to seek springtime fence installation services involves preparing for summer social gatherings (including backyard reunions). A newly fenced yard supplies a great setting for happy picnics or barbecues. Reduce noise, enhance privacy, and boost safety by asking us to install a fence well in advance of these important outdoor events.

6. Give Plants Extra Protection

Sometimes customers select springtime fence installations for another, highly practical, reason: preparing a garden. While fencing won’t safeguard vegetables and other plants against every potential threat, adding a new fence often deters wildlife from munching on young plants. A stylish garden fence may also serve as a trellis for displaying fragrant vines, like tea roses or honeysuckle. Additionally, people who enjoy creating spectacular landscaping often request the installation of a fence during the spring so construction won’t disrupt growing plants during warmer months of the year.

7. Safeguard Pets And Children in Outdoor Play Areas

Of course, a springtime fence installation also ensures young children and pets obtain maximum protection during warm weather (when they may play extensively outdoors). Customers ask our company to construct secure, protective fencelines to help optimize the safety and the privacy of playground areas. Certain types of fencing will also insulate the backyard against the noise of passing street traffic. This project helps create a comfortable oasis for youngsters and their pets to romp outdoors.

8. Decorate a Fence During Summertime

In some cases, customers desire a fence installed during the early spring in order to obtain a longer period of time to plan the finishing stage of the project. For example, a homeowner may order a new privacy fence and then stain or paint the wood to obtain a desired design effect. It may prove helpful to actually see the fence in the yard before undertaking this step. Choosing the best stain or paint for the wood later allows everyone enjoys an opportunity to completely visualize the appearance of new fencing.

9. Secure Property Before a Vacation

The recent COVID-19 pandemic caused many households in North Carolina to delay vacation plans. Summer offers one of the most popular times of year to enjoy a well-deserved break. Before they depart on a fun-filled trip, however, many homeowners desire to add an extra layer of protection to home security. The installation of a new fence may prove quite valuable in this respect. Fences boost privacy and security. Consider ordering this improvement before a vacation!

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