Gates: A Comprehensive Guide

We all know the benefits of having a gate. They help to keep our home safe from intruders and burglars, as well as cars that might crash into our house or accidentally hurt someone. Gates are also great for keeping pets in your yard without worrying about them getting out on their own accord. If you’re thinking about installing a gate, this blog post is here to guide you through the process so that you can make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase one.

What’s the Right Size?

The size of your gate and fence will depend on where the gate is going on your property. A gate for your driveway, for example, will be a different size and provide different functionality than a gate for your front yard or garden. Also, keep in mind that taller opening gates tend to be better since they’re harder for children and small pets to climb over; this will help ensure everyone remains safe around your property. The height of a gate, however, will be dependent on the height of the surrounding fence. A gate that is too high will look out of place while a gate that is too low won’t provide security.

Pool Fence Gate

Are you looking for a gate that will help keep your children safe from the pool? Then look into getting a special type of fence known as a pool fence. These fences are designed to keep people and pets away from unfenced pools, which is not only illegal but can be very dangerous. Once installed, this type of gate must remain locked at all times when no one is outside or in the house. In addition to keeping kids out of harm’s way, these gates can also prevent wild animals from entering your yard.

Do I Need More Than One Gate?

If your fence has a large perimeter and/or you have a lot of people coming in and out, then it may be necessary to install more than one gate. You can also add on new gates as needed throughout the years. For example, if you decide to redo your garden or get rid of an old shed, but don’t want these areas accessible from the same entrance point where guests enter into your home during parties; this would require installing another entryway that has its own separate gate for safety purposes.

Whether you’re looking at traditional wooden gates or taller driveway gates made with metal like chainlink or ornamental fences, there are many options available when choosing what type of gate will best suit your needs.

Is Swing Direction Important?

The short answer is yes. You cannot have one opening onto a public highway or sidewalk. Always direct your fence gate inwards. If you cannot have it opening in, there is also the option of using a slide gate.

Keep Nature in Mind

When you choose a gate, as when you choose a fence, you need to keep in mind that nature is not a static thing. If you have small trees, or tamed bushes, you need to ask what’s going to happen years down the road when those plants have grown. This is particularly true for gates that are set in hedges, for homeowners who prefer to have natural greenery protecting their yards instead of chain link or wooden slats. Unless the homeowner is going to take specific care, it’s possible that the hedge might swallow the gate.

Form, Function, or Both?

A gate can be either the center of attention or something that’s meant to fade into the background. A fence’s front gate, for example, can make a statement about who lives there. If you have a wrought iron fence, say, then the front gate might have a symbols worked into it. The initials of the homeowner, say, or a fantastical creature. A rear or side gate, though, isn’t meant to draw that kind of notice. In those instances, it’s a better idea to pick a subtle gate that blends in with the rest of the fence. The camouflage can make the gate harder to notice, which will add to its security.

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