A Backyard Fence from Fence Builders, Inc.

A backyard fence is an excellent addition to any home. A new backyard fence can give you the privacy and security that you have always wanted, while also adding value to your home. Not only will a backyard fence be excellent for aesthetic reasons, but it will also serve as a sound barrier from noisy neighbors or traffic. Fence Builders Inc. has been one of North Carolina’s most trusted professional fencing design and installation companies since we were established in 1955.

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Keeping a Vinyl Fence Looking Its Best: Tips and Tricks

Vinyl fences are a great choice for many homeowners because they’re durable and elegant. They also come in a variety of styles, so you can find the right fence to match your needs. One of the many benefits of vinyl fencing is that it is virtually maintenance-free. Still, if you want to keep your fence looking its best, there are some tips we have. Here are five tips that will help you keep your fence looking its best:

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Options for Commercial and Industrial Fences

Fences are not just for the residential market. Commercial and industrial properties need to keep their property secure as well, which is why Fence Builders Inc. provides a variety of fencing options that will fit any need or style requirement. Here is a look at some of the commercial and industrial fence options that we have to offer our clients.

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Why Chain Link Fencing is Great for Your Property

Chain link fencing is a great option for your residential property. Chain link fences are durable, affordable, and come in a variety of colors to blend in or stand out. Chain link fencing also offers security and privacy from neighbors or intruders. If you need some more convincing before making the final decision on whether chain link fencing is the best option for your property, then continue reading about the benefits below!

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