Benefits of Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Today, businesses in the Greater Winston-Salem Area of North Carolina frequently request commercial fencing. A correctly installed chain link fence enhances many different types of real estate, including rental properties, retail outlets, industrial sites, and manufacturing facilities. Just consider some of the most important reasons to choose a commercial chain link fence from Fence Builders Inc.:


One important advantage of commercial chain link fencing relates to its affordability. In most cases, tough, durable chain link provides a useful anticipated lifespan of two decades (or more). An investment in this fence material continues to supply value for years. Its cost-effectiveness appeals to numerous business enterprises. Since chain link utilizes metal, a long-lasting material, it offers a longer potential useful lifespan than many other materials. Today, businesses also enjoy appealing options for obtaining peramently affixed or temporary (and portable) chain link commercial fencing products.


Another benefit of chain link relates to general safety. This type of fencing offers a particularly sound choice for use in some industries and certain hazardous locations. Chain link fencing will exclude intruders reliably, yet won’t cause splinters (or permit heavy decorative components to topple suddenly from heights onto passing pedestrians). While other types of commercial fences include ornate design features containing pointed posts or other projections, companies may obtain commercial chain link fencing with smooth chain link pillars and railings instead. Perhaps for safety reasons, temporary chain link fences remain a highly popular choice around some long-term construction projects. Sites maintaining ongoing excavations also frequently prefer re-usable chain link fencing to protect both the worksite and the public.


Similarly, the toughness of a commercial chain link fence pleases managers. Request the best gauge of wire mesh chain link for specific business needs. Intruders require heavy-duty cutting tools to slice through this type of exterior barrier. Chain link fences often safeguard high-security areas:

  • military installations;
  • warehouses;
  • inventory depots;
  • utiliies.

We offer sturdy materials designed to withstand harsh winter weather in North Carolina. Customers may request durable chain link mesh to accommodate their facility specifications.


One of the most useful aspects of a chain link fence relates to the flexibility it offers from a design standpoint. Choose the exact height, the length, and the style necessary to achieve optimal results. Fence Builders, Inc. assists companies seeking customized chain link fencing. In addition to plain galvanized steel mesh, we carry stylish vinyl-coated mesh in green, brown, or black shades. The availability of these design options delights customers seeking both secure and attractive fencing. Promote the “curb appeal” of commercial properties by requesting some of these fashionable selections.

Ease of Maintenance

Commercial chain link fencing supplies yet another significant benefit for property owners in the Winston-Salem Area: low maintenance. Maintain the fence conveniently with simple periodic hose washing to remove windblown debris and bird droppings. Yet fence owners may also obtain the application of periodic protective metal coatings to reduce rust concerns. Some property managers even paint their chain link fences. The vinyl-coasted mesh fencing costs a bit more, yet it resists water damage much like exterior vinyl siding. The ease of caring for this product has contributed to its popularity as a commecial fencing choice.


Unlike some other materials, chain link permits visibility through a fence line. This design feature holds important advantages in some settings. For example, chain link fences offer an ideal barrier around many outdoor swimming pools, athletic fields, and water parks. People passing through the area will still notice the attraction. Yet a proprietor may exclude the public until the facility opens for business. Just a few types of ventures gaining benefits from the enhanced visibility of this type of commercial fencing material include:

  • amusement parks;
  • sports facilities;
  • self-storage companies;
  • pet boarding kennels;
  • motels;
  • nurseries and gardening centers;
  • retailers maintaining extensive outdoor inventories.


A growing public awareness about the importance of sustainable resources also helps make chain link fences a popular commercial choice. Unlike some types of fencing materials, metal chain link can undergo recycling. In this respect, it poses an environmentally responsible selection. Businesses investing in this product maintain the option of reselling the fence at some future point to a scap metal dealer. The capability to recycle an old fence sometimes helps offset removal costs, for instance.

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