5 Things You Should Consider Before Installing a Commercial Fence

A fence is an important investment for your business and commercial property. It not only protects the location from intruders but also provides a sense of security and privacy. The aesthetics of the fence can also make your location appear more upscale and tie a property together. Before you get started on your commercial fence, there are a few things to consider. From material strength to aesthetics, this blog post will explore some of these considerations in depth.

Material Strength

When considering your fence material, you need to take into account fence materials and structural integrity. If it is a commercial property with heavy foot traffic or frequent deliveries, you may lean more towards a steel ornamental fence or a fence system with an access control system. This doesn’t mean that wooden or vinyl fences are not an option, but you want to consider the purpose and functionality of the fence to help steer your decision of fence type.


There are a number of different security options available when it comes to commercial fences. If you want to keep your employees and customers safe, we offer barb wire and razor ribbon, two popular security options that will deter intruders. However, if you have a public-facing business and this high-security look doesn’t fit with your business image, a steel ornamental fence can provide enough of an obstacle without leaving a negative impression on visitors.

Ease of Use

The fence you choose shouldn’t be too difficult to use. For example, if the site is frequently visited by delivery trucks or large equipment and someone will be staffing the gate, it should be easy for them to operate but near impossible for intruders to get in. On the other hand, if you have an automated fence with a card/telephone entry system, you want it to be easy and reliable for visitors and employees to gain access to the property.


Since you’re installing this structure on your business’s property, it needs to match up aesthetically with what already exists in the surrounding area. For example, ornate steel or aluminum works better at upscale restaurants than chain link options which tend to look more industrial or unrefined.

Quality of Installation

Before you get started, take the time to find a reputable, experienced contractor that will work with your budget and vision for your site. You don’t want to be stuck in the middle of installation struggling over details or wishing you had opted for something different than what was installed. Make sure they have quality assurance guarantees and references from previous clients so if anything does go wrong down the road, it is easy enough to remedy.

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A fence is an important investment for your business. It not only protects the location from intruders but also provides a sense of security. With so many considerations before choosing a fencing option, it can seem overwhelming at first; however, if you take some time beforehand to research what’s available in terms of style, material strength and security measures, it will make all the difference down the road! Our team can help you through the process. Contact us today to get started on your commercial fence.

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